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What is Microblading


There's different type of name for microblading like hairstrokes, eyebrowembroidery, microstroking, 3D, 6D,.. but it all represents same.

Microblading is relatively new here but in Korea it have been very popular since 10 years ago, it is getting more popular to different countries and here.

Microblading is type of tattoo but it's Semi-Permanent which fades into natural shade or eventually fades all away. Because pigments between Permanent and Semi Permanent are different, microblading has iron oxide base unlike the inks used in permanent makeup, an iron oxide base allows the color to be softer and vanishes.

Tami semi permanent makeup creates very soft natural strokes and also find shape that fits for individual face shape.


What is Misty-Shading


Misty-Shading lightly shades over where microbladed eyebrows with tiny needle.

It is less abrasive than shading with tattoo gun. Like microblading, it is manually fill out sparse area.

Tami Semi permanent believes only natural way to give all our clients beautiful eyebrows without abrasive to skin, because that’s is only way pigments to fades in evenly and less build up to your skin.

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