Specialized in Nano Microblading

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What is Nano Microblading


This is the most popular natural form of cosmetic tattooing. Created with a fine needle hand tool to mimic the look of hair like strokes. This is suited for all skin types, those who want to achieve great shape with natural look.

Microblading is a type of tattoo that is Semi-Permanent which fades beautifully into natural shades that eventually fade away. Because pigments between Permanent and Semi Permanent are different, microblading has an iron oxide base unlike the inks used in permanent makeup. An iron oxide base allows the color to be softer and vanishes.

Tami semi permanent makeup creates very soft natural strokes and also finds shapes that fit all individual face shapes.


Signature Combination Brows


Tami’s signature technique perfect for for those who have little to no hair. Those who love a little extra oomph in the back end, or anyone who wants more depth of the hair like strokes.

This technique that allows to customize to your preference and your eyebrows needs. A mix of Microblading of more defined, denser look with either Shading or Nano machine hair strokes.

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